Recorded Live Events July 2021

Recorded Live Events July 2021

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Recorded Live Events July 2021
  • Live Event | Pilates Full Body Workout (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Traditional Pilates mat exercises are for core training, but adding dumbbells gives variety, strategic loading, and the ability to work the extremities for a full body approach. Appropriate for all levels. Free weights optional

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  • Recorded | Live Event with Lauren Eirk July 2021 | Barre Blend

    This workout combines standing barre work for lower body, core Pilates exercises for the abs and back, plus Yoga isometric training for joint stability and muscle activation. The Pilates Mini Ball will be used as a support and resistance tool.

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  • Live Event | Yoga for the Lower Back (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk: July 2021

    This workout is appropriate for all levels. We will be going over many therapeutic Yoga postures that strengthen the back and core with modifications for various lower back issues. A Yoga block (or two) plus a yoga strap is suggested. If these items are not available, you can use a book or sup...

  • Free (Public) Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Power Yoga

    Power Yoga is a fitness based flow class using yoga postures linked with cycles of the breath to improve muscular balance and responsiveness.
    Poses in this class focus on core strength and joint control. No equipment needed.
    All levels welcome!

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  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk: Yoga with Weights

    This unique yoga practice uses dumbbells and body weight as resistance. This practice is slow moving and biomechanically based so that you can gain the most benefits from this strengthening practice. This workout is appropriate for all fitness levels. Feel free to eliminate the weights wheneve...

  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Pilates Flow

    If you are new to Pilates, core training, or exercise in general, this workout will help you feel more confident. This gentle Pilates flow is composed of exercises that strengthen your abdominal, back, hips, and shoulders using body-weight only. You will get some great modifications so that any...

  • Recorded | Live Event with Lauren July 15 | Resistance Band Strength Workout

    If you think you cannot get a good strength workout using elastic bands, think again! This workout is inertia-free and joint-friendly but packs a punch when it comes to resistance training. There are so many ways to use bands to experience exercise in a whole new way! We will target legs, hips...

  • Recorded | Live Event with Lauren Eirk July 13th at 9:30am | Barre Burn

    This 60 minute workout is packed full of effective exercises for the total body using challenging movements designed to strengthen muscles and improve their overall endurance. This joint-friendly barre workout features small, effective barre moves, resistance training exercises, and core work

  • Live Event | Power Yoga (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Lauren shares her 40 years of study in the fields of Yoga, exercise mechanics, resistance training, and muscle activation in this athletic power Yoga flow. This full body workout needs no equipment except a yoga mat and your body. Modifications and cues will be given

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  • Recorded | Live Event with Lauren Eirk July 8th at 9:30am | Total Body Circuit

    Total Body Circuit
    Experience several progressive exercise combinations designed to help you move in a continuous format to strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular health, and help you build endurance. Modifications will be given for this class. You will need dumbbells for resistance


  • Live Event | Yogalates (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk: 7-6-21

    This is a mix of isometric Yoga positions as well as effective Core training exercises from Pilates. Anyone can do this class, as Lauren will give plenty of modifications for various fitness levels. A small Pilates sponge ball and Yoga Strap will be helpful to gain better resistance input.


  • Recorded | Live Event with Lauren Eirk July 2nd at 9:00am

    This LIVE class features core exercises using the FIS Method of sound exercise mechanics to give you the best of Pilates. You will need a support of some kind for standing exercises as you target the abs, back and hip regions. This workout is inspired by the traditional 34 Pilates Mat routine a...

  • Recorded | Live Event with Lauren Eirk July 1st at 9:30am

    This core workout combines exercises to work the abs, back, shoulders, and hips with the stability ball and bodyweight alone. Experience a variety of moves for an hour jam packed with effective core work for improved spinal mobility and muscle development using the FIS Method

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