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If you are serious about your fitness...

This channel, Fitness Integrated Science TV, includes 30-60 minute Barre, Yoga, Pilates, Therapeutic, and Strength-Based Workouts, plus informational Education Videos that are designed to help you get results! You will see that we have a foundation in muscle activation, strength, and joint stability. Our videos are rooted in sound exercise mechanics that are fun, effective, and joint-friendly in order to keep you from injury and help you transform your body from the inside out! We release new videos throughout the week, including progressive workout plans and challenges. Your membership gives you access to current and past videos, Live workouts, access to a Private Facebook Group and a complimentary 30 minute video consultation with Lauren Eirk to discuss your personal goals and health concerns as well as assistance to help you get the most from the service!

New Releases

We believe that fitness is a way of life that extends far beyond the participation in training sessions. In this collection, easily find the latest videos of the month with the freshest content! We want to bring you the latest information in Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Fitness and Wellness. Even though you may have some favorite videos that you keep going back to, it is important to mix things up, explore new ideas, stay current, and stay motivated. This collection will update each month, so check this area regularly. Once the month is complete, these videos will be listed under relevant topic categories.

Live Events

There's nothing better than exercising together. These live classes will give us a chance to interact together with the ability to comment with one another. Enjoy a variety of Live workouts every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! These are also recorded for you to enjoy any time in your 24/7 On-Demand Fitness Video Library

Featured Content

See how muscle strength and responsiveness have an enormous effect on range of motion. Lauren's unique methodology will teach you how to respect your body's abilities and adapt exercises to reach your goals. Learn to exercise in a safe, well-progressed manner to increase joint stability and muscle strength.

Challenge Series

A combination of isometric, concentric, and eccentric resistance training positions and movements to optimize the efficiency of the muscular system. Yoga is often thought of as an activity to stretch muscles and gain flexibility, thereby creating a space for mindfulness and tranquility. Although it is true that intentional movement can lower stress and increase awareness, passive stretching can cause injury and joint instability.


Get information to help you make better choices in your health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition needs. Lauren will share with you her wisdom collected from over 35 years of service as a fitness and health professional. Her philosophies are based on actively participating in one's health by the maintenance of the muscular system through proper exercise techniques, learning how to better manage physical and emotional stress, and practicing a healthy diet.

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