Maintain Your Muscles

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The Fitness Integrated Science Monthly On-Demand Subscription is designed to help you locate and train weak muscles. Nationally recognized Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Specialist and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) Lauren Eirk, MS provides a thorough, biomechanically-based approach to help you pinpoint your weak areas, correct strength imbalances, reduce pain and inflammation, and create long-term muscle stability.

Tomorrow You will Be Stronger

Getting started has never been easier. Get instant access to premium at-home workouts wherever you want, whenever you need. Experience the benefits of unique isometric and therapeutic routines to improve muscle contractions and reduce joint pain. Enjoy added support from our online community!

Expertise Meets Encouragement

The creator of Fitness Integrated Science TV, Lauren Eirk, MS, MATRx, C-IAYT, YACEP has spent the last 35 years educating, mentoring, and studying health, fitness, and yoga. She is an entrepreneur, owner of the Fitness Integrated Science Wellness Center in Louisville, KY and pioneer in the Fitness Industry.

As a Mastery Level Muscle Activation Techniques™ Certified Specialist and MATRx Certified Full-Body Specialist, Lauren has become known as a leading expert in the treatment of muscular imbalances and is recognized as an International Continuing Education Provider.

Additional certifications include C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and E-RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher. These credentials give her a unique perspective and the knowledge to deliver tailored workouts designed with you and your body's needs in mind. She is the creator of the 500-hour Yoga Integrated Science™ Teacher Training Program, registered by Yoga Alliance®.

Lauren’s work has been featured in such magazines as Yoga Journal®, Self®, IDEA® Fitness Journal, American Fitness Magazine, ACE Fitness Magazine, American Fitness Magazine, Fitness First Quarterly Magazine, AKWA Aquatic Exercise Magazine, Business First, Natural Awakenings, and New Woman Magazine. Lauren has presented for such fitness-health organizations and education conferences as IDEA World, IDEA Personal Trainer, Inner IDEA, FACTfest, NASM Optima, AFPA, DCAC Fitness, AFS Succeed! Conference, FBA Succeed! Virtual Conference, ACSM Fitness Summit, AEA/ IAFC, ECA World Fitness, Can-FIT Pro, Fit in the City®, Fitour®, Resist-A-Ball®, and Sarah’s City Workout®.

Improve the Health of Your Muscles

Access specific exercise routines for ailments such as osteopenia, osteoporosis, joint replacement, joint injuries, chronic pain, loss of balance, and loss of strength. Respect your body's abilities, modify exercises to reach your goals, and increase joint stability with improved muscle strength.

Focus on Core Strength

The trunk and spine is the most important aspect of your overall function. Practice a combination of isometric, concentric, and eccentric resistance training positions and movements to optimize the efficiency of the muscular system. Experience Yoga, Pilates, and other Resistance Training workouts aimed to improve mobility while emphasizing core stability. Intentional movement can lower joint stress and decrease pain.


Get information to help you make better choices in your health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition needs. Lauren will share with you her wisdom collected from over 35 years of service as a fitness and health professional. Muscle maintenance is the key to healthy aging. This is done through through proper exercise techniques, learning how to manage physical and emotional stress, and practicing a healthy diet.


No television provider is needed. Enjoy access to premium workout content designed for any space, at any pace.

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