Yoga on the Ball

Yoga on the Ball

A collection of Yoga workouts using the stability ball as an unstable prop to add support to common yoga asanas as well as new variations to common yoga sequences. You will find that the unstable ball will create more of a mind/body atmosphere, as you concentrate on controlling the moving ball. Poses may feel more challenging in these videos in some cases, and more supportive in others. Enjoy Yoga flows, Yoga Fusions, and Yoga Therapy videos in this collection.

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Yoga on the Ball
  • Video 227 | Yoga with Mini Ball (60 Minute w\Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    Yoga can make us stronger if we focus more on muscle activation and less on passive stretching. The mini ball is the perfect tool to help us create purposeful muscle contractions in Yoga poses so that we create more joint stability and strength in the body. See how the ball can create a fulcrum...

  • Video 047 | Yoga Therapy Ball for the Low Back with Lauren Eirk

    Experience how the stability ball can offer support and open up range of motion for the trunk and spine, providing an opportunity for greater strengthening and stabilization challenges. Decrease pain and increase flexibility with this therapeutic routine!

    Fitness Integrated Science™ is a fitnes...

  • Video 054 | Yoga Ball Flow with Lauren Eirk

    Join Lauren for this flowing Yoga Practice using the Stability ball as a prop to not only provide support, but provide resistance challenges that can make poses feel like never before! Get a stronger core and better balance!

    Fitness Integrated Science™ is a fitness and health methodology that c...

  • Video 091 | Yoga Ball Flow (60 Minute Routine) with Lauren Eirk

    Experience a fun, creative 60 minute Yoga flow with the stability ball as a prop. The dynamic nature of the ball challenges the core in every pose with increased range of motion and support for the joints. This practice will improve joint stability and muscle strength for the total body. Breat...

  • Video 186 | Yogalates Stability Ball Workout (35 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This creative flow features a Yoga Pilates fusion using a stability ball, which provides the perfect surface to accommodate the curves of the spine. When using the ball, experience greater overall resisted range of motion than is achieved during traditional practices on the floor. The flowing n...