Power Pilates

Power Pilates

This collection of videos is made up of 30-to- 60 minute workout videos based on the Pilates system of exercises designed to improve mobility of the spine, hips, and shoulders using body weight, Pilates rings, Pilates Sponge Balls, and Elastic Bands for resistance. These creative routines are made of exercises that should be incorporated regularly in your fitness routines for a strong core

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Fabric Resistance Band for Legs: https://amzn.to/2WuhPLF
Round Exercise Band: https://amzn.to/32Dvggr
Theraband: https://amzn.to/3haYK9s
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Fitness Integrated Science™ is a fitness and health methodology that combines modern bio mechanic principles with unique and progressive strengthening techniques to guide our clients to improved muscular balance, joint stability, and range of motion. Fitness Integrated Science™ is also a Wellness and Personal Training Center in Louisville Kentucky offering private yoga, Pilates, personal training, and yoga therapy for individuals as well as small groups. We have a 500-hour teacher training program, Yoga Integrated Science™, that is registered through Yoga Alliance and provide Workshops and certification courses in Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Personal Training.

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Website: https://fitnessintegratedscience.com

Lauren Eirk is the creator of Yoga Integrated Science™ program, offering a unique, sound, biomechancial approach to Hatha Yoga designed to respect joint structure while improving muscle responsiveness and strength. She has spent her life teaching and studying in the health, fitness, and yoga communities, learning from some of the top minds of our time. Having worked in the health education field for over 30 years, Yoga I.S.® is her vision. Lauren’s training has made her highly sensitive to clients with complex, on-going neuro-muscular issues, helping her clients to navigate an effective exercise plan to accomplish their goals. Lauren has since expanded into Pilates Integrated Science™, Strength Integrated Science™, and Fitness Integrated Science™

Lauren’s work has been featured in such magazines as Yoga Journal®, Self®, IDEA® Fitness Journal, American Fitness Magazine, ACE Fitness Magazine, American Fitness Magazine, Fitness First Quarterly Magazine, AKWA Aquatic Exercise Magazine, Business First, Natural Awakenings, and New Woman Magazine. Lauren has presented for such fitness-health organizations and education conferences as IDEA World, IDEA Personal Trainer, Inner IDEA, FACTfest, AFPA, DCAC Fitness, AFS Succeed! Conference, ACSM Fitness Summit, AEA/ IAFC, ECA, Can-FIT Pro, Fit in the City®, Fitour®, Resist-A-Ball®, and Sarah’s City Workout®

+ B.S. Physical Therapy, University of Louisville
+ B.A. Art, French, University of Louisville
+ M.S. Health Fitness Management

Lauren is a Certified E-RYT 500 Level Registered Yoga instructor and has studied Yoga with Master teachers David Swenson, Sianna Sherman, John Friend, Mitchel Bleier, Francois Rault, Doug Keller, Doug Swenson, Judy Rice, Rodney Yee, Beryl Bender Birch, John Schumacher, and Ramanand Patel. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT with the International Association of Yoga Therapy and a Yoga Alliance® Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), she is the developer of the Yoga I.S.® method for Yoga, Barre, and Pilates-based classes, including the Yoga I.S. Mechanix™ method. Lauren is a mentor for AFS Association of Fitness Studios.

Lauren is a Mastery Level Muscle Activation Techniques™ Certified Specialist and MATRx Certified Full-Body Specialist Full Body, including the Lower Leg & Foot as well as the Wrist & Hand. Lauren’s MATRx delineation makes her one of 57 world-wide leading experts in the treatment of muscular Imbalances. Lauren is an International Continuing Education Provider with an established personal training business since 2006, held in the Yoga Integrated Science™ Personal Training Studio. Lauren has been a certified group fitness instructor for nearly three decades and has run many group fitness programs. She is the creator of Yoga with Resist-A-Ball®, a former Resist-A-Ball® and FiTour® Master Trainer and the recipient of the ECA OBOW Award 2007 “Most Mindful Program”. Lauren has taught group and private classes in over 27 fitness centers since the start of her fitness career in the year 1988. She has many years of experience teaching in elementary schools, college universities, hospitals, fitness centers, and community centers in various local, national, and international venues. Lauren specializes in fitness rehabilitation, health fitness management, program development, and continuing education. Lauren is a published author with extensive television and video experience. Lauren is a brand influencer for Athleta® Brand clothing, a member of the Body Bar® Instructor Team with Yoga and Pilates programming, and an avid animal-rights advocate, collecting donations and hosting events in her business to benefit the Kentucky Humane Society.

Power Pilates
  • Video 259 | Powerhouse Workout (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Want to add a challenge to your your mat Pilates routine? Adding dumbbells and the mini ball will help add a challenge to your limbs and your core so that you get even better results in the time you have available.

    As we flow through many of the exercises from the classic routine created by Jo...

  • Video 246 | Pilates Basic Training (45 Minute workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This video will give you a great overview of the basic Pilates exercises that were handed down by Joseph Pilates and modified over the years. Learn how to modify the movements to fit your body and your goals while ensuring joint protection and safety. These exercises will build core strength, i...

  • Video 223 | Pilates Fusion (45 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This Pilates Fusion workout begins with a standing lower body sequence to warm up the lower body, followed by some creative barre work to specifically target various hip muscles. Next we move to the floor for abdominal and back exercises common to Pilates. Yoga flows are inserted into the worko...

  • Video 082 | Barre, Yoga, Pilates Mix (60 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This hour of barre fitness includes core training exercises from Pilates using the small sponge ball and elastic band for hips and thighs. Isometric contractions from Yoga round out this routine, improving joint stability and range of motion. The resisted movements are designed to improve stren...

  • Video 214 | Pilates for Glutes with Lauren Eirk

    In this strength-based workout, targeted Pilates Mat exercises have been chosen to target the hips and glutes. This workout builds logical sequences that complement the traditional core exercises with standing free-weight exercises for the lower body. The cues given in this video will assist yo...

  • Video 194 | Ring of Fire (30 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This video includes some of my favorite and most effective core exercises based on the classical system of Pilates. Using the Magic circle, or ring, you will experience some interesting variations and challenges for the hips and trunk. The ring is always a huge favorite because it is easy to us...

  • Video 192 | Pilates Circuit (30 Minute workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This circuit workout is composed of some of the most effective Pilates core exercises using the sponge ball and free weights to add resistance to the exercises. If you are already a fan of Pilates, this steady-paced workout will make several of your favorite movements feel like never before! Yo...

  • Video 182 | Cardio Pilates (30 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This Pilates workout will strengthen your abdominals, back, shoulders and hips with a flowing pace in order to keep your body moving. Experience a standing rhythmic warm-up followed by a standing strength segment for the lower body using dumbbells. Enjoy a biomechanically based Pilates routine to...

  • Video 176 | Pilates for a Stronger Back (30 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    The original 34 Pilates Mat exercises were designed to strengthen the "Power House", as Joseph Pilates described. By targeting muscles that attach to the ribs, pelvis, scapulae, and spine, the trunk becomes a strong anchor to create movements that originate from the spine or transfer movement fr...

  • Video 163 | Pilates Theraband Challenge (30 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    Pilates is a great way to train your core and help with spinal mobility. The methodology that is used with our Pilates routines will target active range of motion, adherance to structure, and sound biomechanical principles to ensure that your joints are healthy. By adding the Theraband, you wil...

  • Video 148 | Pilates Barre (60 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    The barre adds a fresh element to the traditional Pilates Mat routine. In this video, you will need a small sponge ball and a support from a barre, wall or chair. Exercises are grouped together according to joint motion, such as spinal and hip flexion. Get stronger, more toned legs and achive ...

  • Video 068 | Pilates Full Body with Lauren Eirk (30 Minute Workout)

    In this thirty minute routine, experience exercises taken from the Pilates System that are targeted to strengthen muscles from the foot and ankle all the way to the shoulders and neck, giving you a full-body workout. This workout will strengthen your core, improve range of motion, and increase o...

  • Video 067 | Pilates for the Upper Body with Lauren Eirk (60 Minute Workout)

    This 60-Minute routine features Pilates positions and motions with an emphasis on strengthening the chest, back, shoulder, and arms. Lauren will show you how to incorporate an elastic band to increase the resistance challenge to upper body musculature. This video is for all levels, as there are...

  • Video 064 | Pilates for the Back with Lauren Eirk (45 Minute Workout)

    In this 60-minute video, Lauren will take you through a series of exercises inspired by the Pilates system to strengthen spinal and hip extensor muscles for improved range of motion and overall muscle strength. These essential movements will rehabilitate and prevent injury as well as balance mus...

  • Video 061 | Yoga Pilates Fusion with Lauren Eirk (60 minute workout)

    Get the best of Yoga and Pilates in this flowing core workout designed to strengthen your abs and back, improve range of motion, tone your hips, and develop the control in your shoulders. Get proper cues on positioning, respiration, pacing, and ways to modify the exercises for all levels of fint...

  • Video 048 | Pilates 30 Minute Abs Workout with Lauren Eirk

    In this 30 minute workout, you will experience common exercises rooted in Classic Pilates that flex and rotate the spine. We refer to them as the "abdominals" and they are composed of the rectus abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques, pyramidalis, psoas major, psoas minor, and transvers...

  • Video 095 | Yoga - Pilates Challenge (30 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This thirty minute workout combines the isometric muscle contractions of yoga with eccentric and concentric muscle contractions of pilates to target the core, hips, and shoulders. These are some of the most effective muscle strengthening exercises for the total body. See how Yoga and Pilates ca...

  • Video 099 | Pilates 30 Minutes of Magic (Circle) with Lauren Eirk

    This 30 minute Pilates routine is packed with classic Pilates Mat exercises designed to work your core, hips, and upper body using the magic circle. This resistance tool can add challenge to various hip and shoulder joint motions by placing the ring strategically to oppose joint motions. This c...