Strength and Conditioning Hips & Core Challenge

Strength and Conditioning Hips & Core Challenge

This core challenge is composed of five consecutive videos that are designed to train the abdominal, back, and hip regions using the stability ball. The exercises in this challenge series are some of the best, most effective stability ball exercises and will give you amazing results! The ball will challenge you with greater resisted range of motion and joint support in many positions as the ball gets you "off" the floor. Due the instability of the moving ball, muscles will have to work hard to stabilize joints and control the ball, leading to greater strength gains. Be patient with yourself as you work with the ball, as your nervous system will adapt to the ball over time. Practice this challenge any time for a well-balanced system to improve posture, spine health, and core strength!

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Strength and Conditioning Hips & Core Challenge
  • Video 216 | Strength and Conditioning Hips & Core Challenge Day 1: Lauren Eirk

    Trunk Rotation is the foundation of any trunk and spine conditioning program. Muscles such as the external obliques, internal obliques, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominis are some of the muscles that are targeted in this video. The stability ball enhances these exercises by offering an ...

  • Video 217 | Strength and Conditioning Hips & Core Challenge Day 2: Lauren Eirk

    Trunk Flexion builds upon the foundation of our anatomy, creating a strong foundation to move from. In this workout, we will target our rectus abdominis and psoas muscles to support our lower back, allow us to bend forward, and help us move more freely. The stability ball provides support and an...

  • Video 218 | Strength and Conditioning Hips & Core Challenge Day 3: Lauren Eirk

    Day 3 is all about Hip Rotation. Performing these strong movements with a round, dynamic ball makes these exercises super effective. You will have to work a bit harder to keep it from moving.

    Hip rotation happens every time our spine moves! The hip joint is made up of the femur and pelvis. S...

  • Video 219 | Strength and Conditioning Hips & Core Challenge Day 4: Lauren Eirk

    In today's culture, we spend large amounts of time in a seated posture. For this reason, many of the muscles that hold us upright in our back become weak. Posture becomes more rounded and shoulders tend to roll forward. In this video, we will target spinal extensor muscles, internal / external ...

  • Video 220 | Strength and Conditioning Hips & Core Challenge Day 5: Lauren Eirk

    This final workout in our 5-Day Core challenge will target the muscle groups that extend the hip and help us keep our trunk and spine upright. Extension is often a motion that we neglect due to the many hours we spend sitting and flexing forward. These muscles are super gravity fighters! The b...