Recorded Live Events August 2022

Recorded Live Events August 2022

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Recorded Live Events August 2022
  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Squat Formula

    Sitting is not the same as squatting. Not only that, people often struggle with sitting and standing using control. In this workout we will break down the specific joint motions associated with squatting. Using Dumbbells and a thigh band, go from isolating these motions to integrating them in o...

  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Pilates Ball

    Working with the stability ball can help develop overall control and strength of the core, increase balance and stability, improve spinal mobility, and enhance postural awareness. In this classic Pilates routine, see how the stability ball, originally used for spinal rehab, can enhance many of t...

  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Yoga for Tight Hips

    The hip is a weight-bearing, complex joint that moves in a variety of motions that takes on a lot of stress throughout the day. Prolonged sitting and repetitive activities can cause hips to lose strength and range of motion.

    In this class, I take you through various yoga asanas that target the...

  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Iron Arms and Abs

    This jam-packed hour is devoted to strengthening the arms, shoulders, and abs using multiple sets and reps using dumbbells for added resistance. The focus of this workout is to build muscle and improve definition in the shoulders, arms and abdominal regions.

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  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Barre Circuit

    This full body barre workout will strengthen the lower body, hips, core, arms, and shoulders using a TheraBand and a mini thigh band for resistance. This class features a circuit format, building exercises one after the other into a sequence, then repeating the entire sequence again with a conti...

  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Fuse Pilates

    This class features Pilates positions with the addition of many chest, back, shoulder, and arms exercises with the band. The mini ball will be used also as a prop for many of the core exercises from Pilates. This workout is for all levels, as there are plenty of modifications given throughout.

  • Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Bodyweight Full Body Workout

    This workout is one you can do anywhere! It requires no equipment but strives to make you stronger and more mobile. We will move from one exercise to the next using the weight of our body with moving and non-moving exercises to target upper, lower, and core sections of the body. I will incorpo...

  • Live event with Lauren Eirk | Full Body Weight Training

    Full body strength training workout that incorporates dumbbells into many common positions. Learn how to effectively position the dumbbells to target muscles of the legs, hips, core, shoulders, and arms. Strength training is the key joint stability, weight management, pain management, cardiovas...

  • Live event with Lauren Eirk | Strength Building Yoga

    This Yoga class features longer hold times and mindful muscle engagement. No props are needed for this bodyweight routine, as we will be using isometric contractions throughout to activate more muscle involvement.

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