7 Day Fitness Plan

7 Day Fitness Plan

New Content and Suggestions for this week June 24-30

*This Weekly plan provides an optional 60 minutes of balanced resistance training each day.
(Choose one or both selections for each day)



"Strong Quads and Thighs" Video 571 (30 mins.)
NEW! Releases @6:00am EST. Strength mix of isolation work with compound exercises for the quadriceps and hip flexor muscles.

To add an extra 30 minutes, try Video 453 "Magic Circle Thigh Workout" to strengthen the inner and outer thigh regions plus glutes using a Pilates circle for resistance.



"Pilates Contrology" Video 433 (30 mins.)
Classic Mat Pilates routine with bodyweight only to strengthen abdominals, back, hips, and shoulders.

If you want to add 30 minutes, try Video 259 "Powerhouse Workout" using the mini ball and dumbbells in a Pilates Mat Fusion routine.



"Shoulder Prehab" Video 572 (30 mins.)
NEW! Releases at 6:00am EST. Bodyweight and Theraband exercises to do for muscle balance and mobility in the upper back and shoulder regions.

If you want two add 30 minutes, try Video 568 "Build Your Back" using dumbbells with the goal of hypertrophy.



"Build Your Glutes" Video 567 (30 mins.)
Gluteal exercises using dumbbells with high repetitions and cadency variations with the goal of hypertrophy.

If you want an extra 30 minutes, add Video 454 "FIS Legs and Glutes" with dumbbell exercises targeting legs and glutes using a chair to add creative challenges.



"Chest-Triceps-Quads Pyramid Training" Pre-Recorded LIVE class (60 mins.)
Progressive strengthening combinations for Chest, Triceps, and Quadricep muscles using dumbbells

If you want an extra 15 minutes, try Video 389 "Arms Express" with complimentary biceps and triceps supersets using dumbbells.



Video 556 "Over 40 Bone Density Training" (45 mins)
Full body bone-strengthening exercises targeting the using a chair, dumbbells, and a thigh band.

If you want another 15 minutes, try Video 492 "Isometric Hip Boost: Abduction" for an isometric exercise routine for the strength and responsiveness of the muscles that abduct the hips.




This Guide will give you direction in which exercise routines to do each week. Even if you are working on specific FIS TV Workouts that were assigned to you by your MAT Specialist, Personal Trainer, Physician, or Health Professional, the 7-Day Fitness plan can still be your guide! The education you get each week is designed to help you stay focused, inspire you, and assist you in reaching your individual health goals.

This collection of videos is comprised of the workouts that have been chosen in "Your Weekly Fitness and Wellness Coaching Guide" email, delivered every Sunday night at 6:00pm EST. The 7-Day plan is comprised of content that I choose for you to ensure that you work each body part sufficiently and have a chance to experience strength, flexibility, restoration, and intensity in a balanced fitness routine. I provide selections of 15, 30,45, and 60 minutes of exercise content each day so that you can chose what works for you. Come to this collection to be lead each week with adequate time allowed for rest and recovery.

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7 Day Fitness Plan
  • Video 571 | Strong Quads and Thighs (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    In this workout, we will focus on a very important set of muscles that not only flex the hip, but also straighten the knee. Hip flexor muscles include the psoas major, iliacus, tensor fascia latae, and rectus femoris. The quadriceps also extend the knee, making it straight. These are an essenti...

  • Video 453 | Magic Circle Thigh Workout (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    The Pilates Magic Circle, or RIng is a very versatile tool, fitting comfortably inside and outside the legs, arms, and trunk. In this class, we will practice several creative variations of traditional Pilates mat exercises to strengthen the inner and outer thigh regions. Many of the positions w...

  • Video 433 | Pilates Contrology (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Joseph Pilates, the founder and creator of the Pilates system, knew that there was a mind-body-spirit connection to properly execute the original 34 exercises. "Contrology" is the name that is associated with classic Pilates. The movements were based on the principles of Breathing, Control, Con...

  • Video 259 | Powerhouse Workout (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Want to add a challenge to your your mat Pilates routine? Adding dumbbells and the mini ball will help add a challenge to your limbs and your core so that you get even better results in the time you have available.

    As we flow through many of the exercises from the classic routine created by Jo...

  • Video 568 | Build Your Back (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    When it comes to building your back, we know that the more challenging the exercise, the more muscle fibers you will use. Upper, middle, and lower back regions are extremely important to keep strong, since they help us maintain an upright posture and protect the spine. Back exercises involve th...

  • Video 567 | Build Your Glutes (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    When it comes to building your glutes, we know that the more challenging the exercise, the more muscle fibers you will use. Since glutes are so hard to target in many exercises, high muscle activation is the key.
    In this workout, the glute medius, minimus, and maximus are tageted in standing a...

  • Video 454 | FIS Legs and Glutes (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This workout incorporates a chair to add a lot of challenge and fun to our leg and glute training. Chair workouts are often thought of as easier, but not here! Having a chair for one-leg balance exercises like single leg squats and deadlifts actually help you work harder, since falling is not a...

  • Recorded | Live Event with Lauren Eirk | Chest-Triceps-Quads Pyramid Training

    Pyramid training is a style of training designed to repeat exercises and exercise combinations in a way to either to slowly increase or decrease resistance challenges for greater strength gains. In this workout, we will target the chest, triceps, and quadricep regions using dumbbells. It is rec...

  • Video 389 | Arms Express (15 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    If you are pressed for time superset training will allow you to get more done a short period of time. This is because complementary muscle groups are worked back to back, reducing your rest between exercises.
    This Express strength training routine targets the muscles that flex and extend the el...

  • Video 556 | Over 40 Bone Density Training (45 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Starting in our 40s, our estrogen and testosterone begin to drop, causing a loss of muscle, bone, and metabolic efficiency. If this goes on, we will begin to put on body fat and increase our risk of fracture. The hip joint, particularly in the femoral neck and greater trochanter, shoulder, lowe...

  • Video 492 | Isometric Hip Boost: Abduction (15 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    If you need a quick boost, this 15-minute bodyweight workout will help you to strengthen the outer hip muscles using the resistance coming from bodyweight, a sponge ball, and a Yoga block to create the isometric exercises. Weakness in these areas can cause tightness in the trunk and spine, making...