7 Day Fitness Plan

7 Day Fitness Plan

This collection of videos is comprised of the workout videos that have been chosen in "Your Weekly Fitness and Wellness Coaching Guide" email. The workout videos selected for the weekly 7-Day plan are comprised of pre-recorded and newly released content that complement each other in a more balanced fitness routine. Come to this collection to easily find these videos so that you can make sure your workouts target each body part for a holistic approach to strength and fitness, with adequate time allowed for recovery.

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7 Day Fitness Plan
  • Video 080 | Stronger Abs with Theraband (30 minute workout) with Lauren Eirk

    In this video, practice many exercises that are designed to strengthen and tone the abdominal region using elastic resistance from the Theraband combined with body mass, speed, and varied muscle contraction types. Flex, extend, side-bend and rotate your way to a strong waist and powerful core wh...

  • Video 156 | Barre Back, Shoulders, & Hips (60 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This circuit format barre workout can be done with any support, including a wall or chair. Practice segments of specific back and shoulder strengthening exercises using body weight and/or the theraband as well as standing barre hip exercise segments. Muscles that cross the hip are directly att...

  • Video 097 | Weighted Yoga Workout with Lauren Eirk

    This sixty minute video combines isometric Yoga poses with weighted dumbbells to increase strength and mobility. You will feel poses in ways you have never felt, challenging muscles that stabilize and move joints. Tone your whole body with improved posture and grace.

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  • Video 093 | Ultimate Lower Body Dumb"Ball" Workout (30 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Experience the ultimate challenge in strength, stability, and balance using the stability ball as a support for many lower body exercises. This workout uses weighted dumbbells for increased resistance challenges to maximize your results. This video is for all levels, as Lauren will give plenty ...