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Watch this video and more on Fitness Integrated Science TV

Video 350 | Sunrise Yoga Flow (30 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

Yoga 2022

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  • Live event with Lauren Eirk | Strengt...

    This Yoga class features longer hold times and mindful muscle engagement. No props are needed for this bodyweight routine, as we will be using isometric contractions throughout to activate more muscle involvement.

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  • Video 345 | Day Four Glute Challenge ...

    On day four of our 5 day Glute Challenge, you should notice that your range of motion at the hip is already improving with the strengthening focus of days one-three. Today we moving back into bodyweight training with strong Yoga practice designed to improve joint range of motion.

    Many times, Yo...

  • Video 341 | Yoga for the Knee (30 Min...

    Experience an alignment-based, methodical Yoga practice designed to target muscles that cross the knee joint. Using a Yoga block and strap, we begin with several classic Yoga asanas to practice knee, hip, ankle, and foot alignment.

    Progressing to poses on the floor, learn how to protect the k...

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