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In our Featured Video content section, you will see the content that you don't want to miss. Click any of the thumbnail pictures and go right to new content, live videos, and and foundational videos to get you started and give you results. Also included are the videos highlighted in the weekly email.

Featured Category
  • Core Foundations Series

    20 items

    Having a strong, stable core helps us to prevent injuries and allows us to perform at our best. One of the most important motions comes from the first thing we do as an infant, which is to roll over, rotating through the trunk and spine. When we do not have strength in our core, we lack the abil...

  • Assessment

    10 items

    If you are new to FIS TV and not sure where to start, you have come to the right place! Whether you are new to exercise, suffering from a new injury, or just checking in with your body, this section will be your guide. These videos will help you evaluate your joint health from one workout to the...

  • Getting Started

    21 items

    This collection is for those new to this channel or just getting back to working out and want to learn about the FIS TV methodology. There are several workout / tutorial videos in this section to review basic principles and help you discover what appeals to you. These are foundational workouts,...

  • Isometric Boost

    62 items

    The isometric exercise routines in this collection are designed to help you keep your muscular system healthy. Isometric resistance training involves a contraction of muscles without any movement in the surrounding joints. Holding these positions under light tension will help build muscle, stre...

  • 5 Day Muscle Construction Challenge

    5 items

    The 5-Day Muscle Construction Challenge

    This challenge is designed to help you get a jump on muscle building in the new year! Muscle is harder to build and maintain as we age. In fact, most of us start losing muscle around age 30. Physically inactive people are at particular risk and can experie...

  • 14 Day Ignite Challenge

    10 items

    This challenge is designed to help you activate muscles associated with positional weaknesses, so that you feel a greater sense of strength and muscular output in various concentric and eccentric resistance training exercises! For those of you wanting to buiild muscle, this program uses isometr...