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Watch this video and more on Fitness Integrated Science TV

Watch this video and more on Fitness Integrated Science TV

Video 349 | Isometric Foot Boost (15 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk


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    It is a fact that most people will lose approximately thirty percent of their total mass between the ages of 40-80. Preserving our muscles is paramount.

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    This Yoga class features longer hold times and mindful muscle engagement. No props are needed for this bodyweight routine, as we will be using isometric contractions throughout to activate more muscle involvement.

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    Yoga Mat:

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    If you need a quick boost, this 15-minute bodyweight workout will help you strengthen core muscles and help give you improved spinal stability using a series of flexion-based isometric exercises. These are the muscles that bend the spine. This includes your "six-pack"!

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