Yoga 2024

Yoga 2024

Yoga 2024 is a collection of yoga videos that encompass many different styles of Yoga practices. These workouts will help you to improve your range of motion quality by helping you to identify weak or under-performing muscles, using resistance training principles to improve muscle strength, and integrating them into isometric Yoga postures. Enjoy fusion and strength-based workouts as well as therapeutic sequences as you increase your awareness of muscle function, respiratory health, and ability to stay focused.

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Yoga 2024
  • Live Event | Yoga Isometrics with Dumbbells (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This slow-moving strength-building Yoga practice will incorporate the dumbbells and bodyweight training in several multi-joint positions. As you sequence through Warrior I-III plus several powerful standing poses, experience some challenging isometric holds by taking on one or two free weights ...

  • Live Event | "Yoga Ball Abs" (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This creative flow features a Yoga fusion using a stability ball, which provides the perfect surface to accommodate the curves of the spine. When using the ball, experience greater overall resisted range of motion than is achieved during traditional practices on the floor. The flowing nature of...

  • Live Event | Yoga for Strength (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This Yoga routine will move at a moderate pace, taking time in each pose to experience added load and new challenges. The Yoga block will be used for support, but also to redirect the forces going into the postures that we will come up against. The dumbbells allow us to train the upper and lowe...