Pilates 2024

Pilates 2024

Pilates 2024 is a collection of the 30, 45, or 60 minute Pilates workouts filmed live during the year of 2024. These videos use a variety of props, in both traditional and fusion formats. Pilates is a complete, whole body practice and highlights movement from core postural muscles, often referred to as “The Powerhouse.” Pilates can be practiced by anyone and was designed to be embraced by all. Appropriate for all levels, these workouts will give you increased strength, coordination, range of motion, muscular endurance, and postural control. As a modality of mindful movement, consistent Pilates practice can also permeate in other ways, promoting overall health, happiness and positive body awareness.

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Pilates 2024
  • Live Event | Standing Pilates (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This standing Pilates workout that's all about challenging your balance. There will be no jumping in this workout. You may choose to use a chair from time to time as we try some tough sequences to work your legs, core and hips. This exercise increases your strength and stability while boosting y...

  • Live Event | Yoga Block Yogalates (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    In this routine, see how much something as simple as a Yoga block can greatly intensify a Yoga or Pilates routine. We will be performing four blocks of exercises, repeating each block 2-3 times.
    Block One: Yoga Sun Salutations with blocks
    Block Two: Standing Yoga Core Training
    Block Three: Yog...

  • Live Event | Pilates for Hips (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This Pilates Mat class is focused on the hips.  We will use a mini ball, a thigh band, and a chair/support to create these exercises.  Starting after the warm up, we will alternate between sidelying hip abduction exercises and prone bird-dog variations.  There will be floor exercises and those in...