5 Day Fitness Plan

5 Day Fitness Plan

New Content and Suggestions for this week April 22-28

*This plan allows for more rest times as you work to build healthier muscles.
(Choose one or both selections for each day if applicable)



"Upper Back Mobility" Video 549 (30 mins.)
NEW! Releases at 6:00am EST. Improve mobility of the upper back, shoulders, and neck targeted exercises using a TheraBand and a Yoga strap as resistance.

To add an extra 30 minutes, try Video 521 "Iso-Strong: Upper Body" for a Yoga-inspired strength workout to improve upper body joint stability using a Yoga strap & dumbbells.



"Lateral Hip Bursitis Rx" Video 550 (60 mins.)
NEW! Released at 6:00am EST. Strengthening routine to combat outer hip pain using isometric and concentric resistance training with dumbbells, a thigh band, and a support.



"FIS Tennis Elbow" Video 551 (30 mins.)
NEW! Releases at 6:00am EST. A holistic full-body approach to the treatment and prevention of lateral epicondylitis / tennis elbow from repetitive wrist and arm motions using a theraband and dumbbells.

If you want two add 30 minutes, try Video 429 "Triple Threat: Biceps-Triceps-Shoulders" with dumbbell exercises focused on building muscle.



"Yoga Therapy: Foot and Core" Video 552 (45 mins.)
NEW! Releases at 6:00am EST. Therapeutic practice focusing on backward bends, hip-focused postures, foot strengthening exercises, and standing balance.

If you want an extra 15 minutes, add Video 314 "Isometric Hip-Core Extension Boost " with isometrics focusing on extension for the strength and responsiveness of hip and spine musculature.





"Core and Pelvic Floor" Video 323 (30 mins.)
Stability ball training to create extension in the trunk and spine using bodyweight and dumbbells as resistance.

If you want an extra 30 minutes, try Video 482 "Total Bodyweight Builder" for Ten of the most effective muscle building calisthenics using bodyweight, a chair, and a Yoga block.




This Coaching Guide will give you direction in which workouts to do each week. Even if you are working on specific FIS TV Workouts that were assigned to you by your MAT Specialist, Personal Trainer, Physician, or Health Professional, the 5-Day Fitness plan can still be your guide! The education you get each week is designed to help you stay focused, inspire you, and assist you in reaching your individual health goals.

This collection of videos is comprised of the workouts that have been chosen from the in "Your Weekly Fitness and Wellness Coaching Guide" email, delivered every Sunday night at 6:00pm EST. The 5-Day plan is comprised of content that I choose for you to ensure that you work each body part sufficiently and have a chance to experience strength, flexibility, restoration, and intensity in a balanced fitness routine of five days of exercise and two days rest. I provide selections of 15, 30,45, and 60 minutes of exercise content each day so that you can chose what works for you. Come to this collection to be lead each week with adequate time allowed for rest and recovery.

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5 Day Fitness Plan
  • Video 549 | Upper Back Mobility (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This mobility workout features isometric and concentric muscle contractions using a Yoga Strap and Theraband respectively. Many times, we feel tight and stiff due to muscle weakness. The body gets comfortable in the ranges and motions we experience all day, and muscles weaken everywhere else. ...

  • Video 521 | ISO-Strong Upper Body (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    In this Yoga-inspired strength training routine, practice maintaining several multi-joint positions while under the influence of external resistance.

    The dumbbells are used strategically to challenge many postural muscles as they work to counter the joint action. The Yoga Strap will be used a...

  • Video 429 | Triple-Threat: Biceps-Triceps-Shoulders (30 Mins) with Lauren Eirk

    I call this a "Triple Threat" for the upper body because this workout is comprised of some of the best hypertrophy exercises for Biceps, Triceps, and shoulders. After a short mobility warm-up, we dive right into the upper body workout with dumbbells. Experience several combinations of each musc...

  • Video 314 | Isometric Hip-Core Extension Boost (15 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    If you need a quick boost, this 15-minute bodyweight routine will help you strengthen core muscles and help give you improved spinal stability using a series of extension-based isometric exercises for the hip and spinal joints. This is a bodyweight workout with no props required.

    Think of this...

  • Video #323 | Core and Pelvic Floor (30 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Pelvic floor dysfunction is the inability to correctly relax and coordinate your pelvic floor muscles. When we strain, it puts pressure on this region. As we age, these muscles can become weak due to childbirth, standing for long periods of time, heavy lifting, straining to defecate, and some spo...

  • Video 482 | Total Bodyweight Builder (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    In this workout, I have chosen ten of the most effective multi-joint exercises for muscle hypertrophy goals using a chair, a Yoga Block, and your body. Working with bodyweight only can not only give variety to your fitness plan but it can teach you how to use more muscular effort when we exercis...