Getting Stronger

Getting Stronger

These videos are designed to improve strength and range of motion using such tools as dumbbells, elastic bands, elastic tubing, pilates rings, instability equipment, and body-weight to improve muscle contractions, muscle strength, and muscle responsiveness. Having a strong, stable core along with good muscle tone is the key to reducing pain, inflammation, and body fat. Not only that, you will see your body shape change for the better as you improve joint stability and lean body mass.

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Small Pilates Sponge Ball:
Fabric Resistance Band for Legs:
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Vinyl Coated Dumbbells:
55cm Stability Ball:
Yoga Block:
Yoga Block with Strap:
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Fitness Integrated Science™ is a fitness and health methodology that combines modern bio mechanic principles with unique and progressive strengthening techniques to guide our clients to improved muscular balance, joint stability, and range of motion. Fitness Integrated Science™ is also a Wellness and Personal Training Center in Louisville Kentucky offering private yoga, Pilates, personal training, and yoga therapy for individuals as well as small groups. We have a 500-hour teacher training program, Yoga Integrated Science™, that is registered through Yoga Alliance and provide Workshops and certification courses in Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Personal Training.


Lauren Eirk is the creator of Yoga Integrated Science™ program, offering a unique, sound, biomechancial approach to Hatha Yoga designed to respect joint structure while improving muscle responsiveness and strength. She has spent her life teaching and studying in the health, fitness, and yoga communities, learning from some of the top minds of our time. Having worked in the health education field for over 30 years, Yoga I.S.® is her vision. Lauren’s training has made her highly sensitive to clients with complex, on-going neuro-muscular issues, helping her clients to navigate an effective exercise plan to accomplish their goals. Lauren has since expanded into Pilates Integrated Science™, Strength Integrated Science™, and Fitness Integrated Science™

Lauren’s work has been featured in such magazines as Yoga Journal®, Self®, IDEA® Fitness Journal, American Fitness Magazine, ACE Fitness Magazine, American Fitness Magazine, Fitness First Quarterly Magazine, AKWA Aquatic Exercise Magazine, Business First, Natural Awakenings, and New Woman Magazine. Lauren has presented for such fitness-health organizations and education conferences as IDEA World, IDEA Personal Trainer, Inner IDEA, FACTfest, AFPA, DCAC Fitness, AFS Succeed! Conference, ACSM Fitness Summit, AEA/ IAFC, ECA, Can-FIT Pro, Fit in the City®, Fitour®, Resist-A-Ball®, and Sarah’s City Workout®

+ B.S. Physical Therapy, University of Louisville
+ B.A. Art, French, University of Louisville
+ M.S. Health Fitness Management

Lauren is a Certified E-RYT 500 Level Registered Yoga instructor and has studied Yoga with Master teachers David Swenson, Sianna Sherman, John Friend, Mitchel Bleier, Francois Rault, Doug Keller, Doug Swenson, Judy Rice, Rodney Yee, Beryl Bender Birch, John Schumacher, and Ramanand Patel. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT with the International Association of Yoga Therapy and a Yoga Alliance® Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), she is the developer of the Yoga I.S.® method for Yoga, Barre, and Pilates-based classes, including the Yoga I.S. Mechanix™ method. Lauren is a mentor for AFS Association of Fitness Studios.

Lauren is a Mastery Level Muscle Activation Techniques™ Certified Specialist and MATRx Certified Full-Body Specialist Full Body, including the Lower Leg & Foot as well as the Wrist & Hand. Lauren’s MATRx delineation makes her one of 57 world-wide leading experts in the treatment of muscular Imbalances. Lauren is an International Continuing Education Provider with an established personal training business since 2006, held in the Yoga Integrated Science™ Personal Training Studio. Lauren has been a certified group fitness instructor for nearly three decades and has run many group fitness programs. She is the creator of Yoga with Resist-A-Ball®, a former Resist-A-Ball® and FiTour® Master Trainer and the recipient of the ECA OBOW Award 2007 “Most Mindful Program”. Lauren has taught group and private classes in over 27 fitness centers since the start of her fitness career in the year 1988. She has many years of experience teaching in elementary schools, college universities, hospitals, fitness centers, and community centers in various local, national, and international venues. Lauren specializes in fitness rehabilitation, health fitness management, program development, and continuing education. Lauren is a published author with extensive television and video experience. Lauren is a brand influencer for Athleta® Brand clothing, a member of the Body Bar® Instructor Team with Yoga and Pilates programming, and an avid animal-rights advocate, collecting donations and hosting events in her business to benefit the Kentucky Humane Society.

Getting Stronger
  • Video 288 | A-Z Circuit Workout (45 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This strength workout is designed to address muscle weakness and mobility issues with a full body circuit format, transitioning from one exercise to the next for cardiovascular health. Using dumbbells, experience 10 different strength exercises from lower body to upper body. We will be moving t...

  • Video 281 | FIS Biceps, Triceps, & Shoulders (60 min workout) with Lauren Eirk

    Simply speaking, tricep muscles are used to push objects away from us and bicep muscles pull objects towards us. Shoulder muscles are used in manny exercises to move the arm and stabilize the shoulder. Many of the bicep and tricep exercises around these muscle groups are opposite in nature, as ...

  • Video 280 | FIS Chest and Back (30 Minute workout) with Lauren Eirk

    Simply speaking, chest muscles are used to push objects away from us Back muscles pull objects towards us. Exercises around these muscle groups are opposite in nature, as one works concentrically and one eccentrically to either shorten against a load or allow for more length to control the join...

  • Video 270 | FIS Hips (30 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This workout is for all levels, showcasing the FIS Methodology of assessment, isometrics, integration, and progression of resistance training for the hips using a chair, thigh band, and sponge ball.

    This workout begins with a standing warm-up using the chair to observe your range of motion. A...

  • Video 266 | FIS Legs (30 Minute workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This FIS Focus Video is targeted to the legs. We begin with a rhythmic warm-up to address range of motion and energy levels. Next, enjoy some complex lower body exercises using dumbbells. The Yoga blocks will change a lot of the mechanics of these exercises to alter joint forces and muscle inv...

  • Video 262 | FIS Chest (30 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This FIS Muscle Focus workout targets the Pectoral Muscles. This session begins by connecting breath with movement to engage muscles of the trunk and spine as a warm-up. As you begin to observe your range of motion, you will see what areas of your body need attention.

    Using many core positio...

  • Video 072 | Lower Body Workout with Lauren Eirk (60 Minute Workout)

    Video 072 | Lower Body Workout with Lauren Eirk is a 60 minute resistance training routine designed to strengthen muscles that attach into the knee, hip, ankle, and foot. Practice various squat, lunge, and bridge variations with proper mechanics and directional cues to improve the responsiveness...

  • Video 257 | Legs & Glutes Supersets (45 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This resistance training workout will explore the "superset" or long set of exercises using dumbbells and a stability ball. Supersets can increase the difficulty of the workout and improve muscle gain since you can get more done in the time you have. Performing exercises with similar muscle gro...

  • Video 256 | Back and Shoulder Supersets (45 Minute workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This resistance training workout will explore the "superset" or long set of exercises using dumbbells and a TheraBand. Supersets can increase the difficulty of the workout and improve muscle gain since you can get more done in the time you have. Performing exercises with similar muscle groups b...

  • Video 242 | Leg Day (45 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This workout begins with a rhythmic warm-up followed by a mini-ball segment to work the lower body. Next, practice many powerful leg exercises using dumbbells. You will get plenty of cues and modifications as we move with a comfortable pace to give you a joint-friendly effective strength routin...

  • Video 228 | FIS Arms (40 Minute Workout) with Lauren EIrk

    This FIS Muscle Focus workout targets the arms. The FIS Method is based on sound exercise mechanics that is kinder to your joints while giving you great results! This strength training routine targets the muscles that flex and extend the elbow joints, the biceps and triceps. The routine begins...

  • Video 225 | Bodyweight Workout (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Sometimes you do not have the ability to use equipment in your workout, or you just need variety. Working with bodyweight only can not only give variety to your fitness plan but it can teach you how to use more muscular effort when we exercise. An exercise is not about watching a weight move, b...

  • Video 039 | More Muscle and Strength with Lauren Eirk

    Experience a strength-building Yoga practice using gravity-based dumbbells to transform your experience in many common yoga poses. Practicing this video will improve muscular system, tone your body, and increase joint stability

    Fitness Integrated Science™ is a fitness and health methodology tha...

  • Video 050 | Workout for a Strong Core with Lauren Eirk

    Join Lauren in this follow-along Yoga practice designed to train the "core", targeting muscles that attach to the ribs, pelvis, shoulders, and hips. Approach several positions and motions inspired by common yoga poses that can improve strength, reduce pain, and promote better mobility when practi...

  • Video 074 | Work Your Core and a Whole Lot More (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    The stability ball is one of the greatest tools for in-home fitness programs. In this 30 minute workout, Lauren will take you through a strengthening routine that requires muscular strength and responsiveness from the trunk and spine to control the moving ball. This video will challenge the hi...

  • Video 080 | Stronger Abs with Theraband (30 minute workout) with Lauren Eirk

    In this video, practice many exercises that are designed to strengthen and tone the abdominal region using elastic resistance from the Theraband combined with body mass, speed, and varied muscle contraction types. Flex, extend, side-bend and rotate your way to a strong waist and powerful core wh...

  • Video 103 | Strengthen your Back (55 minute workout) with Lauren Eirk

    This 55-minute dumbbell workout will help you strengthen your back muscles for better posture and core strength. Learn how to strategically place dumbbells in a way to vary exercises strategically to target upper, mid and lower back areas in order to protect the spine and pelvis. This workout ...

  • Video 106 | Strong Arm Dumbbell Workout (45 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This 45 minute workout will strengthen and tone bicep and tricep muscles of the arms using a variety of shoulder positions. Using the stability ball as if it were a weight bench, many muscles will be working to keep training positions static against the moving weights, training the core in every...

  • Video 107 | Free Weight Workout: Shoulder Edition (45 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This workout will show you how to properly use dumbbells to strengthen shoulder muscles while avoiding injury. Common motions of the shoulder are abduction, adduction, flexion, extension, rotation. These are created as the clavicle, shoulder blade, and upper arm bones move upon each other with ...

  • Video 108 | Dumbbell Only Chest Workout (30 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This strength training video includes an isometric, muscle-activating warmup followed by body weight core exercises to prepare the body for a 30-minute chest workout with dumbbells. Practice a variety of resistance angles and body positions to hit various muscle fibers attaching to the shoulder ...

  • Video 110 | Stronger Legs Dumbbell Workout (45 Minute) with Lauren Eirk

    Some of the best free weight exercises are for the lower body. Experience a muscle activating, thorough warm-up to visit your range of motion followed by many variations of the squat, lunge, dead-lift, and bridge. This sequence uses unilateral and bilateral variations with creative positioning ...

  • Video 116 | Hip & Knee Isometric Challenge (60 Minute Workout) with Lauren Eirk

    Isometric resistance training is the key to reduced inflammation and pain. Holding positions with muscular engagement can improve muscular performance, improve range of motion, reduce body fat, and resolve muscular imbalances. In this video, the floor, body weight, an elastic mini band, and min...

  • Video 120 | Glute Isolation Workout (30 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Strengthen your gluteal muscles using an elastic band to target motions such as hip abduction, hip extension, and hip flexion. This thirty minute workout uses a combination of standing and floor exercises for muscle isolation and integration

    Amazon Products Used:
    Fabric Resistance Band for Leg...

  • Video 142 | Dumbbell Workout for Chest, Triceps, & Abs (30 Min) with Lauren Eirk

    This routine will help you strenthen chest, triceps, and abdominal muscles. Chest muscles bring the arms across the body, support the shoulder, and assist in breathing. Triceps muscles work to extend the elbows and shoulder joints. The triceps make up approx 2/3rds of the muscles in your arm, ...