3 Day Fitness Plan

3 Day Fitness Plan


New Content and Suggestions for this week November 27-December 3
(Choose one or both selections for each day)


"Core Strength" Video 488 (30 mins.)
NEW! Releases at 6:00am EST. Target the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, transverse abdominis, and spinal erectors using a Pilates ring and dumbbells.

If you want to add 30 minutes, try Video 448 "Chair Theraband Back Workout" Joint-friendly seated resistance band workout to strengthen and tone the back and shoulders.


*(Rest from Exercise)



"Lower Back Yoga Therapy" Video 489 (30 mins.)
NEW! Releases at 6:00am EST. Isometric Yoga Routine focusing on spinal extension and surrounding muscular influences.

To add another 30 minutes, try Video 402 "Elastic Shoulder Therapy" to train shoulder muscles as active movers and stabilizers with a Theraband.


*Active Rest Day. Take a walk and have some outdoor fun!



"Therapeutic Workout for Hips" Video 222 (45 mins.)
Therapeutic strength exercises to safely progress hip rehabilitation and neuromuscular health

To add an extra 15 minutes, add Video 420 "Isometric Hip Boost: External Rotation" with isometrics focused on the strength and responsiveness of muscles that externally rotate the hip.

*As an alternative, try the LIVE "Hip Focused Barre" with Mini Ball and a Thigh Band (recorded on 11-28-23)


*(Rest from Exercise)


*Active Rest Day. Take a walk and have some outdoor fun!


***This Coaching Guide will give you direction in which workouts to do each week. Even if you are working on specific FIS TV Workouts that were assigned to you by your MAT Specialist, Personal Trainer, Physician, or Health Professional, the 3-Day Fitness plan can still be your guide! The education you get each week is designed to help you stay focused, inspire you, and assist you in reaching your individual health goals.

This collection of videos is comprised of the workouts that have been chosen from the in "Your Weekly Fitness and Wellness Coaching Guide" email, delivered every Sunday night at 6:00pm EST. The 3-Day plan is comprised of content that I choose for you to ensure that you work each body part sufficiently and have a chance to experience strength, flexibility, restoration, and intensity in a balanced fitness routine of three days of exercise and four days rest. I provide selections of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes of exercise content each day so that you can chose what works for you. Come to this collection to be lead each week with adequate time allowed for rest and recovery.

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3 Day Fitness Plan
  • Video 488 | Core Strength (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    There is a logic to the exercises that belong to the classic Pilates series, which is a bodyweight workout. The addition of small props can add some purposeful resistance to these targeted core exercises.

    In the first segment, experience weighted crunches and roll-ups to help you to focus on ...

  • Video 448 | Chair TheraBand and Back Workout (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This seated resistance band workout that is not only joint friendly, but allows you to practice the entire routine from a chair! This workout is designed to strengthen and tone the areas of the back and shoulders. Using a TheraBand, we will be anchoring the band under the body and against the ch...

  • Video 489 | Yoga Back Therapy (35 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Lower back pain is very common and complex to treat. The key is to keep surrounding muscles around the pelvis, hips and core strong and regularly practice various joint angles in order to maintain range of motion.

    Yoga can be extremely helpful with back care. Using the Yoga strap and the Yoga ...

  • Video 402 | Elastic Shoulder Therapy (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    Shoulder injuries and dysfunction are common, due to the fact that shoulders are largerly held together with muscles. I have chosen to use only Therabands for this workout. Elastic bands are great for strength training and often used in rehab settings due to the fact that they do not rely on gr...

  • Video 222 | Therapeutic Workout for Hips (45 Minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    The hip joint is complex! It moves in many different planes of motion and bears a large amount of our mass. It is influenced by the foot, knee, and torso. Keeping the hip strong and stable is a very important part of healthy aging. In this video, we explore some of the best hip exercises for fl...

  • Video 420 | Isometric Hip Boost: External Rotation (15 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    If you need a quick boost, this 15-minute bodyweight routine will help you strengthen muscles that cross the hip to perform external rotation, such as the gluteals, piriformis, superior and inferior gemelli, obturators, and abductors to name a few.

    These are also muscles that commonly extend t...

  • Live Event | Hip Focused Barre (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This barre class begins with a Pilates warm-up to focus on the trunk and spine. Next, we will head to the barre for some do-able and effective Ballet-inspired hip and thigh work in a slow, controlled manner to incorporate the lower leg and foot. Two Yoga flows are peppered into this class with ...