3 Day Fitness Plan

3 Day Fitness Plan

New Content and Suggestions for this week May 20-26

*This Weekly plan provides an optional 60 minutes of balanced resistance training each day.
(Choose one or both selections for each day)



"Yoga For Deep Core" Video 561 (60 mins.)
NEW! Releases @ 6:00am EST. Yoga therapy for the pelvic floor, hips, and core coordinated with diaphragmatic breathing and integrated isometrics using a Yoga block.

To add an extra 15 minutes, try Video 505 "Pelvic Floor Incontinence Rx" for a Gentle bodyweight core sequence for improved pelvic floor health to combat urinary incontinence.





"Full Body Strong Calisthenics" Video 562 (45 mins.)
NEW! Releases at 6:00am EST. This bodyweight routine targets the upper and lower body plus core with higher reps to grow and maintain muscle.

If you want an extra 15 minutes, try Video 498 "Isometric Knee Flexion Boost" for Isometric exercise routine for the strength and responsiveness of the muscles that flex the knee.





"Ball, Chest, and Triceps" Video 469 (30 mins.)
Resistance training workout for chest and triceps muscles using dumbbells and a stability ball.

To add an extra 30 minutes, try Video 549 "Upper Back Mobility" for Upper back, shoulders, and neck targeted exercises using a TheraBand and a Yoga strap as resistance.






***This Guide will give you direction in which exercise routines to do each week. Even if you are working on specific FIS TV Workouts that were assigned to you by your MAT Specialist, Personal Trainer, Physician, or Health Professional, the 3-Day Fitness plan can still be your guide! The education you get each week is designed to help you stay focused, inspire you, and assist you in reaching your individual health goals.

This collection of videos is comprised of the workouts that have been chosen from the in "Your Weekly Fitness and Wellness Coaching Guide" email, delivered every Sunday night at 6:00pm EST. The 3-Day plan is comprised of content that I choose for you to ensure that you work each body part sufficiently and have a chance to experience strength, flexibility, restoration, and intensity in a balanced fitness routine of three days of exercise and four days rest. I provide selections of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes of exercise content each day so that you can chose what works for you. Come to this collection to be lead each week with adequate time allowed for rest and recovery.

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3 Day Fitness Plan
  • Video 561 | Yoga for Deep Core (60 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    In this Yoga practice, we will focus on the lumbo pelvic-hip complex, which includes deeper muscles such as your internal obliques, transversus abdominis, multifidus, rotatores, semispinalis, quadratus lumborum, psoas, and superficial muscles, such as your rectus abdominis.

    Using diaphragmatic...

  • Video 505 | Pelvic Floor Incontinence Rx (15 mins) with Lauren Eirk

    Stress urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine that occurs with increases in intra abdominal pressure (e.g., with exertion, effort, sneezing, or coughing) due to urethral sphincter and/or pelvic floor muscle weakness. This can affect anyone at any age, particularly those who part...

  • Video 562 | Full Body Strong Calisthenics (45 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This bodyweight routine consists of twenty exercises, each targeting specific areas of the upper, lower, and core regions of the body. Although lifting heavy weights does build muscle, we need to be able to work with the weight of our body first.

    In this workout, explore your unique range of ...

  • Video 498 | Isometric Knee Flexion Boost (15 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    If you need a quick boost, this 15-minute bodyweight workout will help you to strengthen knee flexor muscles using the resistance coming from bodyweight and a sponge ball. Weakness in these areas can cause loss of balance and knee pain, making it more difficult to walk efficiently, operate the fo...

  • Video 469 | Ball, Chest, and Triceps (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    In this workout, notice how the stability ball transforms so many exercises that we have done so many times. The ball adds an element of stability training and fun so that we can add a freshness to our exercise routine. You will need some light and heavy dumbbells for this workout, which will b...

  • Video 549 | Upper Back Mobility (30 minutes) with Lauren Eirk

    This mobility workout features isometric and concentric muscle contractions using a Yoga Strap and Theraband respectively. Many times, we feel tight and stiff due to muscle weakness. The body gets comfortable in the ranges and motions we experience all day, and muscles weaken everywhere else. ...